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Leaders of the central banks of developing countries urging the Federal Reserve to increase rates

Chief minister of central banks of emerging markets are beginning to lose patience with the Fed and their policy of ambiguity. Officials are urging Fed for an early raise interest rates, and finally to clarify the situation, which exerts strong pressure on the currency and stock markets in recent years. First assistant of head of the Indonesian central bank, Mirza Adityasvara, believes that uncertainty of Fed creates problems, and it is time to decide with a plan of action.

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Disagreements on markets after the release of employment data

Release of data by the level of employment in the United States did not bring any surprises for main participants and experts of the financial market. Their previous forecasts from the first increase of interest rates by the Fed are fully justified. Chris Rupki, chief economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, points out in his Friday report that the reducing unemployment has reached the lowest value for the last seven years, thus such data confirm the increase of rates by the Central Bank summit on September 16-17.

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Two reasons for the oil growth on the international market

On Monday, the oil continued its growth, and showing one of the longest rally for last 15 years on distrust of traders who believe that the global oversupply of oil will continue as long as planned. Over the past three sessions has been set a growth at 27%, which was triggered by a number of factors, including downward revision of estimates of production in the United States and statistics, which caused the talk about considering the reduction of oil production by OPEC.

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New features after currency storm

Currency storm that caught first the forming markets, then began to spread around the world. It has been exerted pressure on the assessment of liquidity, in some cases intertwined with the economic and political spheres. However, in spite of the powerful blow to investors, the wave also left new investment opportunities for today and in the future.

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Oil is testing a new minimum for the last six years.

On Monday, for the first time since 2009, the price of oil crossed the minimum, thereby pushing the index of commodity prices to the lowest level in this century, and identified new challenges for the global economy. The market became under pressure from investors' concerns for a long time about the collapse in oil prices. Loss of significant 2.6% by the international Brent crude dropped the price to a minimum of $44.20 per barrel at the beginning of trading week, which reaches a minimum in the last six and a half years. American WTI continues to trade below $40 a barrel, lowering its value by 3.2% and set the price $39.15 per barrel, breaked the anti-record of 2009.

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The third package of aid to Greece through the Finnish skepticism

Greece is on the way to receive a third aid package amounting to 86 billion euros. This promotion was due to the approval of draft agreement by creditor-countries last weekend. According to reports from the Greek and German media it became aware that the paper of reform after lengthy negotiations between Mr. Tsakalotos and the country's creditors was approved.

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Shall Internet payment services be standardized?

Over the 15 past years, payments on the Internet have been developed with no regulation or any standardization. This led to appearance of a huge number of payment solutions, which use different mechanisms for transactions processing.

"Each Company in the online payment area has invented its own way of interacting with customers", - noted Yandex.Money representative, Evgeny Vinogradov.

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Greece financial markets go on working

On the 3rd of August financial markets are starting to proceed with their work that was stopped since June, 29, due to aggravation of the debt crisis in Greece.

Greece financial markets will be be functioning with some restrictions. Certain limitations will be specified at the disposal of the Ministry of Finance, that will be published in the Official Gazette.

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Comments of Fed excited markets

After the statements of the most influential Fed officials, that the US interest rates may be raised as early as September, the US dollar tried to break and consolidate above a five-week high against the yen on Tuesday. The dollar index has not undergone any changes, in the afternoon it hovered around the level of 98,036 and at night - about 98,147 seasonal minimum.

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Greek saga comes to a close, the dollar rises, the yen falls

Fixing the "American" against their colleagues from Europe and Japan continued on Tuesday, after the agreement of Greece on deal with creditors. After such news, market attention of currencies was shifted to differentials yield of United States and Europe. For about a week, the US dollar show strong upward movement against the Japanese yen, which has lost some of its positions due to incorrect predictions about a Greek exit from the eurozone.

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