European air giant Airbus Group today reported that it will merge with its airline division which is engaged in construction of aircrafts. The company intends to get rid of bureaucracy, simplify the brand and abandon the inconvenient corporate scheme. These methods will allow to prepare for competition more qualitatively.

Aerospace giant will be called Airbus after rebranding. Fabrice Bergier, who now holds the post of the Head of a leading airline division, will also get the position of Chief Operating Officer of the entire company, according to Airbus. Full name of the company will be Airbus Commercial Aircraft. Tom Enders has commented such a decision: "This will unite the Airbus team even more. Commercial aircraft division now brings the highest revenues, and shows the biggest financial results".

Reliable sources report that all differences will disappear soon. As Airbus Group SAS and Airbur SAS will merge into a single company. The head office will be in Toulouse, as German Enders will become the new head. A week ago Enders wrote a letter to employees that these innovations will lead to consolidation and reduction of future costs. Helicopter and defense space divisions will also reduce costs due to the merger. Airbus says that all formalities will be closed in January. Financial side of the issue has not been disclosed.

Source: admin.rankcup.loc