According to the report from WardsAuto, US auto sales for April 2016 increased by 3.4% against the background of the same period last year. Number of sold cars rose to 1.5 million units, and for the period from January to April grew by 3.2%, or 5.56 million vehicles.

First place, as expected, was taken by General Motors, who managed to retain its leadership of last month. The company sold 259.56 thous and exceeded the plan by 2.9% against levels of 2015 over the same period. The second place took Ford, which managed to sell their cars with the growth by 3.2% - to 224.31 thous cars. Japanese corporation Toyota ranked third and raised their sales by 3.8% - to 211.13 thous. Nissan Group increased sales volumes by 14.4% to 148.83 thousand units. However Fiat Chrysler Group, on the contrary, reduced sales volumes by 6.3% (198.18 thousand cars).

The main loser of the current year - German company Volkswagen - continues to suffer losses. Decrease for April this year amounted to 3.6%. During the period from January to April, the overall decline was 5.1%.