Canadian company BlackBerry is now in a state of crisis. Over the past two years, the company can not implement its anti-crisis plan and show a profit. Over the last year company's shares were down by 8.47%, and the market share of BlackBerry's products is less than 1%. The profitability of units' production is also very low, and brings the company losses.

John Chen, president of the BlackBerry, who heads the the corporation since 2013, has recently stated that the company is optimistic and expects to sell more than 5 million smartphones a year. Financial analyst of BGC agency, Colin L.Giles has the opposite view, and says that it is time to stop experiments with the production of conceptual models and focus on creating software. Many investors of BlackBerry supported the statement of Mr. Giles.

According to research by the Canadian company, the keyboard devices should not have to lose their market segment, after the release of first touchscreen smartphones. However, their expectations were not met and now the once popular BlackBerry company has to fight for survival.