The largest banking group Lloyds from Britain reported that potential leaving of the UK from the European Union (Brexit) may soon lead to economic instability. "In the long run it is difficult to predict effects of the UK leaving from the EU, because it is not yet clear which model of behavior will choose country, left the alliance", - says BBC.

Bank analysts believe that further mutual policy between London and the European Union is very important for the British electorate. It was a matter not even just about the economic consequences. On June 23 there will be held a national referendum, where will be discussed Britain's EU membership. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, emphasized that ahead of the referendum he is ready to provide further support the idea of the country's further stay in the European Union. A month ago, the commander of United States Army Europe, General Ben Hodges said that Britain's potential leaving from the union could weaken the NATO position on the background of possible threats from Russia.