"Majors" of the currency market - US dollar, euro and Japanese yen - have taken a wait position with a minimum dynamics against the background of the future Fed meeting. All market participants are looking forward whether will be there an increase of interest rate by the Fed for the first time in 9 years. Euro shows slight fluctuations around $1.1340, trying to hold a position of growth, obtained last week. The US dollar now is now cost 120.65 yen, the euro is sold for 136.80 yen.

Yesterday there came out a new negative data from China, which could not have any impact on markets. Did not justified forecasts of market participants the data on Chinese investment and production volume of the investment, which came less than expected in August. It contributes to slowing the economic growth below 7% in the first half of the fall since global currency crisis. This coming Wednesday there will be a meeting of board members of the Fed, which will be discussed the possibility of rate increase in September, or this decision will transfer to December 2015 or January 2016.

It is also not entirely clear the situation with US debt: 10-year benchmark bonds went up to 2.109% and 2.254% for the last three weeks. However, the "bullish" rate on the US dollar was raised for the first time for last month. Recent data confirm that some markets are preparing for a possible Fed's rate increase already at the next meeting.