China introduced to the world the newest sample of the world's largest amphibious aircraft. The aircraft can equally well take off and land on a usual runway, and on the water surface. For the first time prototype was shown to the public at a ceremony in Guangdong, in southern China.

According to statements by Chinese engineers, the aircraft will be used for fighting forest fires, search and rescue operations on the water. As well as the aircraft will be used to deliver air cargo to distant islands in the South China Sea, which are still claimed by China.

The Chinese company of aviation industry AVIC revealed some technical characteristics of the aircraft. Maximum takeoff weight amounts to 53.5 tonnes, the maximum flight range - 4500 km. Deputy General Director of the AVIC corporation Zhuguan Geng said that AG600 size is almost identical to the size of a Boeing 737. A few days ago, another Chinese plane crashed near Shanghai during its first flight, crashing into pier.