According to recent reports from China Mobile Ltd, one of the largest mobile service providers in the world by number of customers, the company's net profit increased by 5.6% in the first half of current year, or up to $9.1 billion. Press release of the company informs that earnings for the period from January to June increased by 7.1% and reached the level of 370.4 billion yuan. Also telecommunications services revenues grew by 6.9% and amounted to 325.4 billion yuan.

Chairman of the Board China Mobile Shan Bean commented the company's achievements and described the situation as "inspirational". In addition, he noted that growth of the company's profit exceeded the average increase for the industry. Also, Mr. Bean believes that such successes are connected with the active development of 4G communications. And with increase the traffic information on the background of high demand for wireless Internet access. The number of company's customers who use 4G network has reached 429 million people by the end of July. Figure increased every month by 19 million people since the beginning of this year. Currently, China Mobile's market share in the wireless market in China is greater than 50%.