Economic activity in China shows unexpected strength, industrial production growth reached a record high of the last five months. It can be noted that Beijing's stimulus measures give results, and gradually strengthen the weak economy.

Analysts believe that the main inhibiting factor for the Chinese economy is the downturn in the real estate market, crucial level of domestic debts, as well as weak demand in global markets on expectations the Fed meeting. These factors require additional measures of state support. Wang Jun, chief economist at the government's Center for International economic exchange believes, that it is still necessary to reduce interest rates to stimulate economic growth in country and reach lows of deflation. National Bureau of Statistics of China gives the following statistics: the volume of industrial production in November rose by 6.2% y/y. Retail sales showedthe strongest indicator in this year, which increased by 11.2% in the previous month, against the background of 11% growth in October and 11.1% in forecast.

Leading economist of Commezbank Singapore Hao Zhou admits that China's data demonstrates actual signs of improvement, albeit at a low level.