The largest manufacturer of soft drinks Coca-Cola has recently published its report on profits for the fourth quarter in 2015. Net income increased by 60%, or increased by 1.6 times and amounted to $1.23 billion - 28 cents per share. During the same period of 2014 the company was able to earn "only" $771 million, or about 17 cents per share.
Press release of the company informs that value per share, excluding one-off items, amounted to 38 cents, and revenue decreased by 7% - from $10.8 billion to $10 billion.

FactSet analysts predicted the company's corrected profit at around 37 cents per share, with total revenue of $9.9 billion. According to report, the volumes of Coca-Cola sales increased by 3% in the last quarter. Europe and Asia showed an increase by 2%, the same increase was recorded in Latin America. Sales in North America increased by 3%, the Asian and Pacific regions also increased by 5%. In 2015, the company's net income amounted to growth by 4% or $7.75 billion, but revenue fell by 4% to $44.29 billion.

In 2016, the corporation is planning to increase its revenue by 4-5% and adjust earnings per share - by 4-6%. Coca-Cola this year plans to buy back its own shares for the amount of $2-2.5 billion. During the previous trading on Tuesday quotes of Coca-Cola securities have not changed much, over the last year company's capitalization has grown by 3.4%.