After the statements of the most influential Fed officials, that the US interest rates may be raised as early as September, the US dollar tried to break and consolidate above a five-week high against the yen on Tuesday. The dollar index has not undergone any changes, in the afternoon it hovered around the level of 98,036 and at night - about 98,147 seasonal minimum.

"American" has received a sharp stimulus after words of St. Louis President James Bullard, who reported the agency Fox Business that the Central Bank plans to raise rates in September, against a background of increasing inflation to targets, as well as direction of unemployment to the figure that below 5%. Profitability of short-term and medium-term treasuries also started to rise sharply in response to Bullard's statements as the growth of the US currency.

Having reached five-week high at 124.39 at night, "American" stayed about the same elevation 124.35 yen per dollar. Not far off and a maximum of thirteen years - 125.86, which was broken in early June. The US currency took leisurely an upward trend at the beginning of month from 120 yenand then continued confident upward movement in the direction of safe Japanese currency against the backdrop of Greek financial crisis and the collapse of Chinese stocks. Euro led bids on $1.0827, and then was able to play a little bit positions from the American colleagues. However, before the European currency still managed to break three-month minimum $ 1.0808 at night, and everything pointed to a further decline. Now the attention of traders may switch back to monetary policy of the USA and Europe.