The dollar has managed to recover some of its lost positions against the euro after the release of employment data on the US non-farm sector. However, the US currency is still under pressure due to the Federal Reserve can not determine the pace of interest rate rises.

According to data from the Ministry of Labor, 215 thous new jobs have been added in the non-agricultural sector of the US, this figure is more than the expected 205 thous. In February, this number amounted to 245 thous, value was revised from the preliminary 242 thous. The report also showed that change in average hourly wage amounted to growth by 0.3% in January, it was more than the expected increase by 0.2%, after declining by 0.1% in February. However, the US unemployment rate nevertheless rose to 5.0% in March against expectations of unchanged.

Ryan Littlstone, an analyst at ForexLive, commented the situation: "The growth of salaries, I would explain witj the high rate of unemployment". The dollar is still under pressure after a "pigeon" performances of Janet Yellen, who spoke at a meeting of the Economic Club in New York City earlier this week. Federal Reserve Chairman said that the central bank of the United States should act carefully in raising key interest rates.