The growth rates of China's economy are still unable to gain the required speed. This is evidenced by the Asian stock market, which decreased on Wednesday against the backdrop of a two-pronged Chinese data. The industrial production index of October fell to 5.6% in the previous month, against the indicators of last year, thus demonstrating not enough stable growth from 5.8%. Volumes of retail sales rose by 11% against last year's values, on the background of expected growth by 10.9%.

Chinese stocks continue to fall in price. Index of CSI the largest corporations in Shanghai and Shenzhen fell by 1.3%, while the Shanghai Composite decreased 0.9%. The composite index of the Pacific-Asian region (exception - Japan) traded with unimportant outcome variables. Shares of Taiwan predictably decreased by 1.4%. There has not been too much changes on Japan's Nikkei and South Korean indices.

Well-known analyst firms in their surveys record a decrease of confidence in Japanese manufacturers in November for the third month in a row. Such record lows for the last time have been achieved over two and a half years ago, Chinese demand is currently under strong pressure. According to forecast the European markets will start to grow in the next trades. English FTSE 100 index and French CAC 40 are projected with increasing by 0.4%, German DAX may be increased by 0.3% in early trading.