Yesterday's events in the stock market for Deutsche Bank became a real shock. The cost of the bank's stocks fell by 7.5%. Due to the market excitements about financial status, it has been achieved a minimum of 1983. Deutsche Bank has already managed to deny the information that it requested help of of Berlin, in order to reduce the amount of financial claims from the US regulator, but Germany refused. For the last year bank stocks amounted to decline of more than 50%.

Now the markets are worried that Deutsche Bank may experience an acute shortage of capital. Last week the US Treasury has found out that Deutsche Bank is required to pay $14 billion to settle claims in case of manipulation the prices of mortgage securities for the period of 2008. Amount of payment has been agreed during the negotiations between the bank and the US government.

"We are not going to pay such a huge amount, which was announced earlier. The negotiations are now only at the initial stage. The Bank expects that parties will agree on similar conditions, which had other companies. Earlier, those banks were able to agree on much more improved conditions",- say representatives of Deutsche Bank. Initially, Deutsche Bank has established a reserve fund for the settlement of lawsuits in the amount of 5.4 billion euro. The bank planned to close this deal in the United States for $3.2 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.