Swedish company Ericsson, which produces telecommunications equipment, is going to close its latest facilities in Sweden and dismiss more than 3 thousand of employees to cut costs. Two months ago, Ericsson announced that it will continue to reduce costs on the background of difficult market conditions. In 2014, the corporation has launched a program of costs reduction by $1.1 billion.

Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported that production platforms in Boras and Kumla will be closed. Thus, Ericsson will officially complete its 140-year history of production in Sweden. The newspaper also writes that such radical steps will help the company to save about 3 billion kronors. Per Norlander, who represents interests of the trade union, said that the negotiations have not reached completion yet, and thay are still going on. "I have no idea when they will be completed", - says Norlander.

This morning, Ericsson made a statement, that it can dismiss some of its employees around the world. Corporation Department of Public Relations has informed in the email: "Our employees will be informed in the first place, then we will inform the representatives of trade unions, if it will be applicable". More than 120 thousands of employees work in Swedish corporations worldwide, including 17 thousands in Sweden. The company can not compete on developed markets, which already uses the most advanced network.