While EUR has struggled under the pressure of Greek crisis on Wednesday, the dollar is trying to save current positions after good data from the US housing market, which increased chances of a rate increase from the Fed in September. Now the euro is at $1.1270, rolled away from yesterday's high of $1.1330. And despite the exponential calm of European currency in market, experts believe that this is the first sign of coming storm than sustainability.

Meanwhile Greece does not expressed desire to make a compromise in negotiations with creditors. Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, considers that the conditions proposed by Europe are trying to "humiliate" Greek with new measures of a tightened economy. His words confirm the refusal of Athens to change their point of view on the situation, which would allow to unblock necessary funds and prevent default. This perspective can lower European stocks to their lowest levels in February.

European bonds have recently felt the steady growth of profitability and their attractiveness in the options market also increased, and thus supported the single currency. While investors have tried to find solutions against decline of the euro, the British pound shows growth and confidence due to demand for reliability. Dollar is not going to change its position today in relation to other currencies. Market participants expect some changes on the "American", but after the Fed's statement today.