According to research by The Guardian, more than 40 thousand objects of residential and commercial property in London belong to offshore companies with a closed personal information. In addition, over the past ten years, this value has increased by 9%.

Data verification from the State Land Registry shows that the whole complexes of buildings on outskirts as well as in elite areas of the city were sold to unknown buyers, who are still incognito. Their purchases are registered in offshore zones, including Panama, Liechtenstein and the British Virgin Islands. It is interesting that even such exotic structures as wine cellars and parking spaces are also belong to "offshore" owners. "These data are cause for high excitement on the part of foreign buyers, if you need to use real estate in the capital of England as investment assets", - the edition notes.

Not long before these events, the British Prime Minister David Cameron launched another campaign to combat corruption, BBC informs. "Some expensive construction objects, mainly in London, registered by people from abroad through front companies. They use the money to pay that were stolen or laundered ", - he said.