Big disagreements of Greece with IMF representatives could trigger the collapse of negotiations between two sides. Yesterday, the IMF delegation announced that they are leaving Brussels and goes home. This decision was taken after the EU demanded that the prime minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, stop to put his own interests above the interests of country and start thinking about how to avoid a default.

According to Greek source, the Greek delegation with its full complement, which took part in negotiations, also left the negotiating table on Thursday due to sharp disagreements on reforms. Athens is very interested in a deal that could help to remove the restriction in means before the end of June, in another case, the country is being threatened to default on the closing of debt to the IMF in amount of 1.6 billion euros (1.8 billion dollars).

Such step could push Europe to the introduction of capital controls, and in addition, the probable exit of Greece from the area of EU, which will lead to unintended consequences for the euro-economy and financial markets. Despite the fact that IMF technical team returned to the USA, they still maintain full contact with Athens. According to unofficial statement by representatives of both sides, they approached to the final agreement on primary budget surplus. However, significant differences between parties still remain, experts from the EU and IMF have doubts in the success of achieving these goals.