Request of Greece about providing the emergency assistance was rejected at the last moment. Thus, Greece is the first developed country who could not pay the debt to IMF. Leaders of Athens announced that there actually was a request for financial assistance from the EU reserves, which is designed for two years. With its help the Greeks wanted to pay off financial problems and restructure debt. The sense in a new rescue package was about the payment of 29.15 billion euros during 2015-2017.

In his turn Alexis Tsipras, the Prime Minister of Greece, included in case the next paragraph about the full recovery program, for which it is necessary to allocate 245 billion euros. However, EU finance ministers refused to Mr Tsipras in his proposal to extend assistance on Tuesday, during a business meeting. This was reported by Alexander Stubb, the Finnish Minister of Finance, on his page on the social network Twitter.

"Do not expect instant changes in the position of Greece," - said Yoren Deysselblun, Finance Minister of the Netherlands, as well as the EU representative in negotiations. Also, according to Mr. Yorena, the third program assistance to Greece will not be discussed until the beginning of referendum in country on Sunday. Despite the statement of Athens, on the request to the IMF to postpone the payment has been successfully sent, the eurozone has warned that if the payment does not take place in time, the country will automatically receive the status of the debtor.