Fixing the "American" against their colleagues from Europe and Japan continued on Tuesday, after the agreement of Greece on deal with creditors. After such news, market attention of currencies was shifted to differentials yield of United States and Europe. For about a week, the US dollar show strong upward movement against the Japanese yen, which has lost some of its positions due to incorrect predictions about a Greek exit from the eurozone.

Now the dollar is near 123.55 yen after that it has reached a peak for two weeks at 123.74 yen. Last week, the trades were in positions around 120.41 yen per dollar. The US dollar also confidently confronts to impulses of European currency. News about Greece is gradually go by the wayside, and the center of attention again is the Fed with its raising rates and terms. Plans of the ECB and the Bank of Japan has not changed, motion vector is aimed at accelerating the ultrasoft monetary policy soon.

EURUSD pair continues to be in the flat motion, currently 1 euro is worth $1.1007, after falling on 1.5% for last day. Following a statement by the head of the Fed, Janet Yellen, about that she expects a rate hike this year, the US dollar is trying to get to the "bullish" trend. To understand how much you can trust the views of Mrs. Yelen, you should also pay attention to data on US retail sales.