Yesterday, the crypto-currency exchange Bitfinex in Hong Kong announced the stop of trade due to a hacker invasion to the company server. According to the statement from Bloomberg, a group of hackers has hacked one of the world's leading crypto-currency exchanges Bitfinex. Against this background, the price of Bitcoin against dollar in today's trading in Tokyo decreased by 5.3%.

Exchange Bitfinex reported about hacking Bitcoin wallets of its users on 2 August. Hackers have managed to steal 119 756 Bitcoins worth more than $65 million at the exchange rate on the day of incident. Now law enforcement agencies are investigating this incident. According to the RNS, the company has promised to consider various payment options to customers.

Bitfinex - the third largest Bitcoin exchange, the daily turnover of trading amounts to 16 000 BTC, which is about $3.7 million. Last year, the company warned its users about a potential attack on their wallets. As reported the company then, it was able to prevent the theft of client funds.