At the beginning of today's trading session, European stocks were again under pressure: DAX index has failed by 285 points, or 2.9% at the time of news release. Next decline in commodity prices continued more by inertia, however, it is strongly influenced on concerns of market due to the crisis in Asia. According to the Asian Development Bank GDP forecast this year will fall by 0.5%, from 6.3% to 5.8%. Market participants are predicting the Chinese growth at lowest levels of 1990.

World markets reacted quite restrained on the weak growth in recent years due to the monetary government policy. As the negative news perceived from the positive side because of fact that it could mean reduction of rate or increase of quantitative easing. However, a few months ago, we have seen that the authorities have no control over what's happening. The devaluation of the yuan in China is not a big surprise, but nevertheless it was able to cause small panic among traders and investors. Hopes of Fed also did not materialize. And this is due not to the fact that the Fed refused to increase rates (we assuming that is right decision), and that did not happen because of the weakness of economic conditions.

A whole series of problems have fallen simultaneously. First, it is synchronous approaching of the ending of QE in the US and the UK, whose board is thinking about tightening policy. Then, there were fears into the account of potential growth. After the crisis in late 2008, people believed that the West has lost influence, and now emerging markets have the greatest impact on the economy. However, after several years of waiting, they have ceased to believe in it. It was these a few problems that create uncertainty about future action for market participants. This ambiguous situation is able to direct investors to the search for specific actions, which will survive in a storm. Nevertheless, no one is safe from surprises, such as famous collapse of VW shares by 38% within a couple of days. Therefore, investing in time when all of the assets seem quite expensive - a risky business.