Chinese company Lenovo Group Ltd. is one of the world's largest personal computer and component producers. During the first fiscal quarter the company showed net profit growth by 64%. Press release of the company informs that Lenovo's net profit was $173 million for the period of April-June. During the same period of last year profit was "only" $105 million. At the same time, corporation's revenue fell to $10.1 billion compared with the previous value of $10.7 billion last year. According to a survey by Thomson One Analytics, many experts rated the company's profit about $133.4 million in total revenue of $9.7 billion.

In 2015, Lenovo announced the launch of the reducing costs program by more than $650 million. After in the company was integrated the previously bought business Motorola for production of smart phones and Motorola Mobility server unit for $2.91 billion. In the nearest future Lenovo is expected challenging times. Global market of personal computers in China is declining, and smartphone market growth in country is slowing down. At yesterday's trading in Hong Kong, stocks of Lenovo Group Ltd. rose by 2.4%.