Despite the growing number of migrants, that continue to arrive in Greece, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed support for the country and stood up for newcomers.

"I want to remind you that the European Union leaders last year have put a lot of effort to save Greece in the EU. Therefore, we will not allow disorder in the country", - Merkel told to ARD. Also the Chancellor spoke out against closure of borders to refugees by some countries at the expense of others: "This is not my Europe. We have to find other ways to solve this problem".

In his recent interview the Minister of Immigration Yannis Muzalas said that in March Greece expects from 50 thous to 70 thous refugees from North Africa and the Middle East. Currently they are hardly more than 20 thous. Balkan countries, together with Austria are going to impose quotas on the daily intake of migrants who flock on territory of Greece. This situation may lead to social unrest. Last Sunday, there have been reported cases of panic, when refugees with their children lay down on the railroad tracks to get permission to follow further in Europe.