In 2009, one of the British companies received an order from the US military to build an aircraft. After a few years, Americans have cut the project's budget. As a result, Hybrid Air Vehicles - order executor bought the prototype and brought it back to the UK, subsequently received 2.5 million pounds sterling from the government. One of the main investors of a new product - Bruce Dickinson, the front-man of Iron Maiden band.

Total length of the airship is 92 meters, it is able to carry loads up to 10 tons and can be in flight without landing up to 5 days with a full crew on board. In unmanned mode the airship can fly up to three weeks. In early spring the unit has been prepared for flight tests.

Mass production of Airlander 10 is scheduled for launch in 2018, Hybrid Air Vehicles is going to produce per six units a year. External analysis confirmed that the company is able to sell more than 600 machines in the next twenty years, as well as to create a market in volume of 50 billion dollars.

Airship has four engines, two of them are located behind, and another two - on both sides. Max speed of the prototype - 150 km/h. Now Airlander 10 does not fly, but it can hang a few meters above the ground.