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The number of Unemployment Claims were better than expected in the US

The number of Unemployment Claims in the US for the last week fell by 16 thous against the previous week and amounted to 269 thous. This information was published at 13:30 GMT by the Ministry of Labour of the country.

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Coca-Cola data for Q4 February 09, 2016
Coca-Cola data for Q4

The largest manufacturer of soft drinks Coca-Cola has recently published its report on profits for the fourth quarter in 2015. Net income increased by 60%, or increased by 1.6 times and amounted to $1.23 billion - 28 cents per share. During the same period of 2014 the company was able to earn "only" $771 million, or about 17 cents per share.

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What M.Draghi said? February 04, 2016
What M.Draghi said?

President of the European Central Bank said that currently it is a world pressure that weakens inflation. In this context, the ECB will not sit on the sidelines - "We will develop a plan for fighting the deflationary risks".

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ADP Non-Farm Employment Change February 03, 2016
ADP Non-Farm Employment Change

National report on ADP Employment reported that number of workplaces in the US in January decreased, but not as much as expected.

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Does FPA court help? January 29, 2016
Does FPA court help?

Modern environment of the Forex market involves many web sites for discussing market news, trading strategies considerations and also there traders can share their opinion about brokerage companies of the global market. Now it is easy to find a description of any company or reviews about it, that left current or former customers.

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New promotion from the best STP Forex broker GAINSY - up to 350% Bonus for traders from Iran.

GAINSY company is proud to present a new opportunity, which will help to expand your financial horizonts, and get the most favorable and comfortable trading in the Forex market.

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Blackberry: 2 years in crisis

Canadian company BlackBerry is now in a state of crisis. Over the past two years, the company can not implement its anti-crisis plan and show a profit. Over the last year company's shares were down by 8.47%, and the market share of BlackBerry's products is less than 1%. The profitability of units' production is also very low, and brings the company losses.

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Apple will reduce production of new iPhone models

Nikkei news agency reports that Apple Inc corporation, as predicted, will reduce the production volumes of its main smartphone iPhone about by 30% in January-February. The main reason - huge reserves in warehouses, and reduced demand for the product.

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Chinese shares fail to 7%. Stop market

Today we have witnessed the worst start of the year for Chinese stocks. The sharp fall in the market has led to suspension of trading by more than 7 trillion options, stocks and futures. This allowed for the first time to try a new automatic system of stopping the trade.

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The manufacturing crisis in China continues

The index of Chinese industry, as it was predicted, is decreasing the fifth consecutive month in December. According to the report of Reuters, such rates of reduction point to the smallest annual increase in one of the largest economies in the world for a quarter century. The main Purchasing Managers' Index in December, is expected to grow from 49.6 to 49.7. These data were prepared on the results of interviews with 27 economic experts.

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