According to conclusions of experts, the data on employment are not particularly strong influence on the Fed rate increase. Voting members of the board of the Federal Reserve has repeatedly hinted at fact that increase of interest rates nevertheless will held in December. Many market participants, as well as financial analysts, believe that tightening policy will be introduced within next two weeks. Thus, reports on employment probably will give more information about the future tightening before the coming increase in rates.

The maximum indicator for employment is expected around 200 thous last month against 271 thous in October, such value was got from the average expectations of economists. The US unemployment rate for November will remain unchanged at 5.0%. Retailers added about 44 thous jobs in October to prepare for the busiest sales season. Since 1996 it was the highest rate of hiring in the past month.

Hourly wages rose by 2.5% in October against the background of index in the last year, it has become the highest value since July 2009. Despite the promising indicators, one month means nothing. In case of a further increase of salaries, such growth rates can contribute to approximation of inflation levels to the required 2% for the Fed, that are still not beaten since April 2012. Some analysts believe that this picture - is proof that the labor market is at the beginning, and there are a lot things to do to recover the situation.