On Monday, for the first time since 2009, the price of oil crossed the minimum, thereby pushing the index of commodity prices to the lowest level in this century, and identified new challenges for the global economy. The market became under pressure from investors' concerns for a long time about the collapse in oil prices. Loss of significant 2.6% by the international Brent crude dropped the price to a minimum of $44.20 per barrel at the beginning of trading week, which reaches a minimum in the last six and a half years. American WTI continues to trade below $40 a barrel, lowering its value by 3.2% and set the price $39.15 per barrel, breaked the anti-record of 2009.

Earlier this week, stock markets continued to fall, led by the Chinese index Shanghai (decrease of more than 9%). Such a sharp decline was triggered by a number of concerns due to the situation in one of the largest economies in the world, providing large volumes of raw materials. The index of raw materials from Bloomberg Commodity, which occupies a niche from the futures on delivery of eggs to natural gas fell on 1.2% to $ 86 - this is considered a minimum since 1999. This trend has affected even gold, which price also decreased by 0.4% due to the sale of assets of high-quality investors who had to collect a number of funds for their needs. Over the last three years, the index of raw materials has lost more than 40% for now, including a decrease of 17% in 2015.

The sharp decline in oil prices began in June 2014, after the price dropped to $ 115 per barrel. The majority of analysts and investors believed that the price reduction would not overcome the barrier of $ 45 per barrel. The currencies that are connected to oil, including the Russian ruble and the Canadian dollar, continue to beat many years antirecords. The ruble at the end of the week was trading at 69.82 for the US dollar, the decline has been continued for the ninth consecutive week and has reached record minimums. Earlier this week, the Canadian currency lost an additional 0.5% and started to test the new eleven-year minimum. To date one US dollar can be bought for C$1.3252.

Source: www.ft.com