OPEC, in its recent report to World Oil Outlook tried to predict the dynamics of oil for the next 25 years. The organization's experts estimate the current cost of barrel in $31, in 2020 oil prices may cost $80, by 2030 price will increase to $123, and in 2040 - up to $160.

After postscoring of this digits there has followed the explanatory comments. First of all these levels are not the official forecast, but in a simplified form they simulate the behavior of a potential price. OPEC sees the situation this way, given the changes in global supply and demand. Also, these prices were calculated in US dollars, which is prone to inflation. If we compare them with the current dollar, the price in 2040 according to this scheme will be $95. Ultimately, according to the calculations of OPEC in next 25 years, oil will not reach the levels of last summer.

According to the cartel, until the end of 2040 there will be invested more than $ 10 trillion in the oil sector, 70% of which will go to the mining sector. Production on the RF territory, as OPEC suggested, reached the plateau, and in next 25 years will be in the range of 10,6-10,8 million barrels a day.