Daily newspaper The Guardian reported that British officials are going to extend registration of the referendum about possible exit of Britain from the EU. Yesterday was the last day of registration, all interested persons were able to enter the website of the election commission, and make their names in database. However, many Britons were unable to apply for voting because of technical problems the website.

On Tuesday, there were registered more than 500 thousand Britons who have applied to participate in the voting. More than 26 thousand people entered the site for 5 minutes before the end of registration. At 22:45 GMT the number of visitors on the registration page reached 50 thousand. Electoral Commission Resource has not been designed for the simultaneous visit of big number of users, the page was loading for a long time, and then the site altogether stopped working.

Today, the main British Laborite Jeremy Corbyn, as well as the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Great Britain, Tim Farron, called for extension registration period for participation in the referendum. "The site could not resist huge loading and fell, and many people have not been able to register. If this situation will be confirmed, registration is required to be extended", - wrote Corbyn in his Twitter. Farron advised the British Parliament to increase the vote period to 24 additional hours. On June 23 there will hold a referendum about possible exit of Britain from the EU.