Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris collapsed Asian stock market to a minimum of the past six weeks. Also emerging market currencies have fallen, traders went into safe assets after the tragic news that showed a weakening of the economy. Today, the financial analysts predict the following data: British FTSE released at 100, losing 0.7%; German DAX fell by 1.3%; CAC France will lose the most - 2.2-2.3%.

Financial markets in France will be opened on Monday unchanged, but there will act increased security measures for staff. Total index of Asia-Pacific MSCI (excluding Japan) declined by almost 1.5%. A record decline since September 29 continues. Nikkei index also fell by 1.1%, which graded a heavy growth in the last week. Economic data continues to release lower than expected.

Economic analyst for Japan, the night before the opening of the Asian session, has shown that the economy was going down during the summer slowdown and September. During this time, it had lost 0.8% in annual terms against the average 0.2% decline. Volatility Index CBOE, which is very popular on the market, holds the maximum level from October 2. Data on credit activity of the financial system in China declined in October to a record low for the past 15 months. Demand for steel, which is one of the most important indicators of economic activity also showed a downward mood. Situation in the oil market is difficult. Crude oil futures fell to a record low of 8 months. Last month, data showed a decline in value by 8% within the lowest productivity since March. This was caused by high rates of production and increase in oil reserves. Investors are concerned by a critical situation with excess of oil on the world market.