Japan's Emperor Akihito at the age of 82 today made a speech in a video message to his country. The monarch expressed his concerns that at his age he is unable to carry out his direct duties in full. Message has been broadcasting on the state television. The Emperor said, that there are limits to which he intends to narrow its authority and act as "symbol of power". This status can be assigned to the monarch under the postwar constitution.

Last month, NHK national channel warned that the Emperor underwent major heart surgery and he is struggling with prostate cancer. If Akihito abdicate in the next few years, it will be a unique event in modern Japan. In modern constitution Emperor equivalent to the symbol of the country and unity of the people, but has no political power. However, Akihito did not say in direct text about the abdication of power.

"I realize that my physical condition is getting worse. Now I find it difficult to perform my duties to the state. Until this moment, I have been giving to this service all of my forces, but now they come to an end", - said the Emperor. According to a survey in Japan, the majority of citizens approve the desire of the Emperor to resign. But for this you will need to change the existing legislation.