The German government decided to support purchases of electric vehicles. Future owners of cars with electric motors will soon be able to receive bonus money from the state, according to "Deutsche Welle".

Those who buy the electrocar in Germany, the state will compensate part of its cost in the amount of 4 thousand euros. In case if customer chooses a car with a hybrid engine, refund will be amounted to 3 thousand euros. 50% of the compensation amount takes over the Government of the country, and the second - automaker of purchased the brand. Apply for compensation you may on website of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa), filled in the required online application.

Total amount of funds allocated for the returning costs program of partial electric vehicles, will be 1.2 billion euros. The authorities of Germany and the largest automobile giants will allocate 600 million euros. Subsidies will be completed when this amount become consumed. According to forecasts, the program will continue until June 30, 2019. Marketing Research reported that in Berlin with help of this promo will be sold over 400 thousand cars with electric motor. Also, the state is going to allocate additional 300 million euros for the construction of electric charging stations.