The index of Chinese industry, as it was predicted, is decreasing the fifth consecutive month in December. According to the report of Reuters, such rates of reduction point to the smallest annual increase in one of the largest economies in the world for a quarter century. The main Purchasing Managers' Index in December, is expected to grow from 49.6 to 49.7. These data were prepared on the results of interviews with 27 economic experts.

If the index is below 50 points, it demonstrates decrease of activity. If the result is higher this level, one can hope to growth in monthly equivalent. Non-Manufacturing PMI will be announced on Thursday, in conjunction with the PMI index for the manufacturing sector. According to analysts, in December, it is expected a weak growth of industrial sector, last month the dynamics dropped to three-month low. The next year a number of negative factors will continue to influence the sector: stable overproduction, meager external and domestic demand, in addition deflationary pressure.

China's central bank, in its recent report stated that the country's economic growth this year will be reduced from 7.3% (the level of 2014) to 6.9%. It will be a record low for the last 25 years. The most skeptical analysts believe that the real growth levels are much lower than the officially declared data. President of the Republic of China Xi Jinping said that the 6.5% - is limiting the rate of growth, which should be equal to the country. In this case, within the next 5 years, China will be able to achieve the goal to increase their GDP and per capita income in 2 times by 2020. January 19, China will release official data on GDP for the fourth quarter and the entire 2015.