Greece is on the way to receive a third aid package amounting to 86 billion euros. This promotion was due to the approval of draft agreement by creditor-countries last weekend. According to reports from the Greek and German media it became aware that the paper of reform after lengthy negotiations between Mr. Tsakalotos and the country's creditors was approved.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reported that six hours' discussions, which ended only on Sunday morning led to the fact that Greece has given the green light to a reduction in defense spending, as well as subsidies for farmers based on the concept of new rigid economy measures. Euclid Tsakalotos and Georgios Stahakis are going to meet again with creditors and negotiate a new agreement on the fiscal problems.

However, not all countries are set for a positive solution to the problem and now represent the opposition bloc in this issue, such as Finland, which continues to threaten to withdraw its support of new deal. Timo Soini, the Foreign Minister of Finland, said that his country "has already ended patience" towards Greece. Also, Mr. Soini believes that Greece can still leave the eurozone in the near future. Germany is sticking to its "wait and see" position and is not going to rush the negotiations. German representatives want to get all necessary guarantees before using their savings of their country to help "drowning" Greece. They also offer a solution for the next bridge loan of $ 5 billion, to continue negotiations with Athens.