Confidence in the US economy is growing, as well as the US dollar. According to MarketWatch analysts, today US corporations are concerned about the strengthening of national currency and sales abroad the USA, in turn, the majority of investors in the market feel quite confident. One of the leading investment strategists of BlackRock Russ Koesterich said: "Now any action to strengthen the dollar or tightening the monetary policy may dramatically slow down increase corporate profits, as well as their extension. However, according to the productivity of the US stock market over the past week, investors do not attach importance to this fact."

Currently, S&P500 index shows the best production of the last four years, and also shows growth in the last six weeks, after increasing by 8.3% in October. The US dollar index ICE, which shows the position of "American" against six major currencies, has grown from July 2011. For last week index rose for more than 2% on expectations the potential to raise of interest rate by the Fed in early December.

Meanwhile, the pressure of expensive dollar is becoming more tangible for American corporations. Experts from Goldman Sachs carefully analyzed the reporting minutes of meetings of 44 companies and believe that further strengthening of the dollar - it's one of the main themes of this quarter, together with a variety in consumer indicators, inflation and current shares buyback. David Kostin, one of the main stock analyst of Goldman Sachs says: "Strengthening of the US dollar is now one of the most debated topics among large companies with international business. Top management believes that counter-resistance due to strong currency will keep its position in 2016 ".