Last Friday, US stocks (the S&P 500 and Dow Jones) showed record growth during one day for almost three months. This behavior was due to the fact that investors viewed strong employment data in the US as the next evidence of decisive action of the Fed on rate increases this month. On the other hand speech by ECB President Mario Draghi about that central bank is ready to increase stimulus in case of need, gave impetus to the single currency up more than 400 pips.

Despite the fact that financial and telecom sector is on rise, situation in the energy sector, which is suffering losses from the decline in oil prices, is tight. The major indexes finished Friday's trading on the neutral level or with a slight growth, after the strong drawdown on Thursday. S&P 500 rose by 41.97 points to 2,091.60. Shares of telecommunication and financial companies rose in price the most, but the energy sector ended the week in red zone.

Dow Jones "shot" at 369 pips to 17.847, rised in price by 0.3% for the week. The Nasdaq rose nearly by 105 pips to 5,142.27, showed 0.3% growth. Analysts believe that this effect was caused by two factors: firstly due to the strong data on unemployment and secondly because of the large volume of fixed income after Thursday's session. Energy Sector in Europe is also under pressure. European shares had a worse week for the last three months against the backdrop of recession. The dollar regained some of its positions after rise in price of the index by 0.8% to 98.38. The euro was able to reach the level of $1.0981 and then "rolled" to $1.0867.